Manor Academy

Achievement, Engagement and Enjoyment.


Students at Manor Community Academy are encouraged to become involved in all communities in which they all play a part - from our school community, to our local community, to the wider global community.

We want our students to feel like they are a part of their local community and we have built relationships with local colleges, businesses and employers to help this become reality. Our students are proud of their town and their town is proud of Manor Community Academy; students understand the different groups who live and work in the area. Our Academy has become a hub for the community who are often invited in to use our excellent facilities or to see our students showcasing their abilities in drama, music or sport.

Our students enjoy learning about the wider world and we bring this to life for them by taking them to explore new places. At Manor, you can look forward to local, national and international trips. We have developed links with schools from far and wide including Tanzania and India so that everyone in school can understand the similarities and differences in the lives of schoolchildren across the globe.

Students love getting involved with both local and international good causes and our chosen charities have benefited from the money they have raised. They also have a lot of fun getting stuck into all kinds of volunteer work from organising events for residents of a local care home to a sponsored run in pyjamas!

HMS Trincomalee values its partnership with Manor Community Academy...

The students are very impressive in their abilities and impeccable in their attitudes and behaviours...

This highly professional Academy brings the Ship alive whenever it visits.

Well done Manor Community Academy; we're proud to be associated with you!.

General Manager, HMS Trincomalee

Global Awareness

One of the most exciting initiatives is the development of links with International Partners. We shall promote foreign languages and develop cultural, educational and economic exchanges. We are currently working towards the prestigious "International School Award".

Business Partnerships

We are determined to develop partnership with post 16 providers and local businesses that will, for the first time, make it possible for them to have a crucial input into the design of our curriculum. We firmly believe that these partnerships will transform learning and employment opportunities for our children.

Our principle aim is to promote collaboration and to unlock the rich reserves of talent and creativity that exists within our partner organisations for the benefit of the learners, the community and the economy.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths)

Manor is working closely with our partners to promote STEM subjects. We now have a dedicated STEM team that is developing a number of events this year.

Promoting STEM subject is essential if we are to address engineering and manufacturing skill shortages evident in our community and across the country.