Manor Academy

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Get Onboard Tuesdays


Enrichment Activities available for students to Get Onboard Tuesdays.

Get Onboard Tuesdays
Enrichment Activity Year Group Time & Location Teacher Synopsis
Badminton All Sports Hall
3.15pm - 4.15pm
Miss Mossom Badminton is available to all year groups and
all abilities.
Chemistry Revision 11 207
3pm - 4pm
Mr Foster Chemistry booster session to cover fundamental
concepts in chemistry.
Chess Club All Library
3pm - 4pm
Mrs Latimer Chess develops cognitive ability; attention,
memory, analysis, and logic; all fundamental
building blocks for personal growth.
Cookies, Crafts
and Cakes Club
Al Headway
3pm - 4pm
Mrs Simpson
& Mrs Gordon
Creating and making crafts such as cards,
decorations and gifts that are appropriate
to any yearly events.
Dance All Activity Studio
3pm - 4pm
Mrs Savage Elite dance is specifically for trained dancer/
gymnasts and people who have had experience
in dance at some point.
Engineering 9, 10, 11 105
3pm - 4pm
Mr Moffat An opportunity for students to improve coursework.
GCSE History
9, 10, 11 114
3pm - 4pm
Mrs King Students will have the opportunity to create revision
materials and complete activities.
All Library
3pm - 4pm
Mrs Latimer An opportunity to complete any outstanding
homework, coursework or general revision.
Netball All Sports Hall
3pm - 4pm
Miss Duncan Girls netball is a great way to interact with students
across the year groups and it involves skill based
activities and match play.
Boys Football 7, 8 Field
3pm - 4pm
Mr Cope An engaging approach to develop the fundamental
skills required to perform in a successful team.
Physics 10, 11 205
3pm - 4pm
Mr Richardson Physics booster sessions to cover fundamental
concepts in physics.
11 113
3pm - 4pm
Miss Molnar Students will have the opportunity to create revision
materials and practice exam questions.
Maths Progress
11 Theatre
3pm - 4pm
ms Tomlin Exam revision and exam techniques.