Manor Academy

Outcomes Focused, Child Centred

GCSE Y11 Art and Design


GCSE Art and Design is a traditional route for students to follow allowing progression to further study - level 3 and A Levels. Students use new and previously acquired skills to develop work which is personal to them.

They will collect resources by sketching, taking photographs or from the internet or books. They will develop ideas using a range of materials and techniques.

They will look at the work of other artists and craftsperson and relate the work to their own. They will develop ideas in a sketchbook and produce a final outcome.

Units studied and a brief description of their content

Project One:

"Continents" - All students will explore the theme, using either clay or acrylic paints and produce an outcome.

Project Two:

"Unit 2" - (Exam) - Students will explore a theme set by the exam board, using a range of materials and techniques and produce an outcome under exam conditions over 10 hours in college


Students will be formally assessed three times a year, including one written report.

The department gives verbal feedback on progress on a regular basis with clear directions on how to make progress. Homework is used to develop ideas. Home work is on-going and students are expected to work out of hours - collecting source materials.