Manor Academy

Outcomes Focused, Child Centred

Y10 Child Development

OCR Cambridge Level 1/2 National Certificate in Child development

Studied by year 10 Students

Course Overview

This course is for students who wish to develop applied knowledge and practical skills in child development. There are three main strands: Health & well being for child development, understanding the equipment & nutritional needs from birth to five years and the development norms of a child from birth to five years.

It is designed for both practical and theoretical elements, which will prepare students for further qualifications in Child Care, Health and Social Care, Psychology, Sociology and Biology.

What learners study:

Health and well-being for child development:

Reproduction, parental responsibility, ante-natal care, birth, post-natal checks, post-natal provision, conditions for development, childhood illnesses, and child safety.

Equipment and nutritional needs of children from birth to five years:

Equipment requirements, choosing equipment, nutrition and hygiene practices, weaning, feeding a young child and food related problems. They will be expected to carry out a research task evaluating the outcomes.

Development norms of a child from birth to five years:

Norms in development, stages and benefits of play. They will be expected to research, plan and carryout activities with a child and observe and evaluate these activities as well as comparing the child to expected development norms.

How the course is assessed?

1. Written paper assessing knowledge and understanding from unit one.

2. Two centre assessed pieces of work which allow practical task based assessment. It is vital that you know a child under the age of five who you can use for your observational study in unit three.