Manor Academy

Outcomes Focused, Child Centred

Y10 - Y11 AQA GCSE Health and Social Care

Studied by year 10 & 11 students

This course is for students who wish to develop applied knowledge and expertise in all aspects health and social care from birth to later adulthood. Areas of study include human growth and development, the effects of life events on personal development, factors that affect growth and development, effects of relationships on personal development.

Year 11

In year 11 students will complete assignment 2 and review the knowledge from year 10. Assignment 2 involves looking at the job roles, skills and principles of 3 different Health and Social Care workers. For the exam students will learn exam technique, revise the subject knowledge and learn how to complete the "interrelate question".

H&SC Y10

Students will learn about all the life stages from infancy to later adulthood, relationships, life events and how these effect people.

In year 10 students complete assignment 1 and learn most of the content need for the exam. Assignment 1 involves a portfolio about a client, looking at their needs, services they use and barriers they encounter to receiving care.

How the course is assessed:

  • Controlled assessment worth 60% of the final grade
  • A terminal examination worth 40% of the final grade