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Course: English Literature and Language

English Literature Examination Criteria:

Students will complete 2 written assessments.

Paper 1 is 1hour 45 minutes

It examines the pupils' understanding of their studied texts:

Section A: Students analyse an extract from Macbeth

Section B: Students analyse an extract from A Christmas Carol

Paper 2 is 2hours 15 minutes:

Section A: Pupils have a choice of 2 questions related to An Inspector Calls

Section B: Students analyse and compare poems from their studied poetry anthology

Section C: Students analyse an unseen poem, then compare the writer's methods with those in a 2nd unseen poem as well as analyse an unseen poem

English Language Examination Criteria:

Students will complete 2 written assessments, each 1 hour 45 minutes long.

Paper 1:

Section A: Students analyse and evaluate writers' use of language and structure

Section B: Students produce a creative and imaginative piece of writing

Paper 2:

Section A: Students analyse and compare writers' use of language and perspectives in 2 non-fiction texts

Section B: Students must write for a specific purpose, audience and form

Grading Structure: 1 -9

Exam board Website: AQA

Course Specification: AQA English (Lit 601/4447/6) and (Lang 60142923)

Progress 8 Slot: English (Double weighted) /Open slot

Head of Department: Mr G Aston

Course Description

KS3: Core Subject

KS4: Core Subject

All students in years 7 and 8 will study a range of media, poetry and literature. These include, for example: A range of Gothic texts, "Private Peaceful", "Much Ado About Nothing" Learners are encouraged to be independent and innovative towards their own learning and critical thinking.

Students receive four 60 minute lessons per week.

The Key Stage 3 scheme of work has been created to follow the National Curriculum and aspects of the National Literacy Strategy. Assessment tasks are based around the questions posed by actual GCSE exams.

Students are assessed on a fortnightly basis according to the assessment foci pupils have studied in that time. Assessments are comment marked in order for pupils to identify their weak areas and know how to improve. Redraft lessons are encouraged to support pupils achieve their full potential.

All students in Years 9,10 and 11 will study for AQA English Language and Literature GCSE. These are two separate qualifications. For each qualification, pupils will complete two examinations. Their studies will focus on building their knowledge of texts, how to decode unseen texts and writing skills.

Department statement

In the English department at Manor Community Academy, our vision is to develop students who can articulate their thoughts and opinions from reading a rich array of literature. We encourage learners to engage and explore a range of texts, fiction and non-fiction, so that they have a secure understanding of history, culture and current affairs. Discovering new characters, plots and scenes, pupils can shape their own writing to be imaginative, engaging and innovative.


Access to ANY & ALL education beyond GCSE requires a good grade in English. All professions requiring academic qualifications will INSIST on a good grade in English


Teaching Assistant









Social Media Manager

All aspects of performing arts

Any career path which requires qualifications beyond GCSE

Useful resource links:

GCSE Bitesize

Twitter @teamenglish @manor_english

Extra Curricular:

We pride ourselves on the range of extra-curricular activities we offer, including a brand new school newspaper, revision & intervention classes, and theatre visits, to see a variety of productions linked to our study of English Literature. They aim to support pupils' progression and enjoyment within English.

ASPC Thursday for Y11 intervention (various sessions each week, each with focus on a specific range of abilities/topics)

School Newspaper

Creative writing club

Schemes of work Overview







Year 11

Lang P2 & Lit P2

Lang P1 & Lit P1

Lang P1 & 2

Lit P1 & 2

Reactive cycle

Full Cycle

Year 10

An Inspector Calls

Lang P2

P&C poetry

Lang p1 section A

Shakespeare Rev.

Lang 1 B

ACC Rev.

Lang 2 A

Spoken Language

Year 9

Power & Conflict Poetry

Lang P1 Section A


Lang p1 Section B


Lang p2 Section A


Lang 1 Section A/ QLA

Lang 1 Section B/ QLA

Year 8

Poems from Other Cultures

Descriptive Writing


Lang 1 Q2 and 3

19th Century

Lang 2 Q2 and 3

Modern Fiction

Lang 1 Q4

Modern Non-Fiction
Transactional Writing

Narrative Writing

Structural Techniques / QLA

Year 7


Descriptive writing


Lang 1 Q2 and 3

19th C prose

Lang 1 Q2 and 3

Modern Non-Fiction
Transactional Writing

Modern Fiction

Lang 1 Q4

Narrative Writing

Structural Techniques / QLA