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Course Overview

A GCSE in Humanities is an excellent choice for students who have an interest across all of the Humanities subjects and would like to follow a course that is varied, stimulating and is directly relevant to the world around them. It offers students the opportunity to study aspects of History, Geography, RE, Citizenship and Sociology through an integrated Humanities course. Students will study two core units (Culture and Beliefs and Environmental Issues) in Year 10 and two optional units (Prejudice and Persecution and Family and Socialisation) in Year 11.

What will I study?

Culture and Beliefs; What is culture? How is culture learned? Which is more important, nature or nurture? How are beliefs and values transmitted through cultures? Case studies include the Amish, Native Americans and Gypsy and Traveller communities.

Environmental Issues; What are the main threats to the environment? How can we overcome these? What is sustainability? How do organizations work to protect the environment? Case studies include the Aral Sea, Amazonian Rainforest and tourism in Thailand.

Prejudice and Persecution; What is prejudice and where does it come from? How are different groups discriminated against? How can we stop discrimination and persecution? Case studies include The Holocaust, The Slave Trade, Civil Rights and Apartheid in South Africa.

Family and Socialisation; What is meant by primary and secondary socialisation? What is the purpose of the family? What are the different types of family? How does government policy affect family life? Case studies include Kibbutzim and polygamy.

How will I be assessed?

Students are assessed by two 1hour 15 minute exams worth a total of 75% of the final grade, both are taken at the end of Year 11. Students will work on source booklets for 4 months prior to the exams and will be asked questions on their content. This allows us to prepare students thoroughly for the exams and gives students an excellent opportunity to achieve their potential. A controlled assessment of up to 2000 words, worth 25% of the final grade, is completed in class.

There are no tiered papers.