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Y10 & Y11 Sociology


Over the 2 year course you will study the following;

Unit 1

Studying Sociology (An Introduction and Methodology)

Unit 2


Unit 3

Family and Socialisation

Unit 4

Crime and Deviance

Units studied and a brief description of their content

Sociology is the study of societies, groups of people who share a common culture. In this course you will discover how they work and how they change. Throughout this GCSE you will have the opportunity to examine case studies from a variety of different cultures and periods in history.

You will also develop your skills at responding to a host of primary and secondary source material. You will have the opportunity to conduct your own research during the course, both individually and as part of groups, and develop both your numeracy and literacy skills to a high level as you present and interpret data.

In Sociology we look at many of the major issues that appear on the news today, so you will be challenged to think and to form your own reasoned opinions. This course requires you to be pro-active and keep up to date with current affairs and changes that relate to the units we study.


There is NO Controlled Assessment for this GCSE and NO tiered paper.

You will be assessed at the end of Year 11 in three exams; two of one hour each and one of 90 mins.