Manor Academy

Outcomes Focused, Child Centred

Y7 & Y8 History


Students follow a two-year Key Stage 3, with topics designed to stimulate students to actively participate in their learning in History, and develop key skills that they will need in this subject and beyond.

Students will develop their historical knowledge, their understanding of chronology, their ability to analyse why the past has been interpreted in various different ways, their source analysis skills, and they will improve on the organisation and communication of their written work, through a range of topics. Each topic has an overarching key question, which the pupils should be able to answer by the end of the topic.

Units studied and a brief description of their content

Year 7

  • Topic 1: What was life like for a Roman?
  • Topic 2: How did the Norman Conquest affect England?
  • Topic 3: How did the Black Death affect England?
  • Topic 4: Why did the Protestant Reformation happen in England?
  • Topic 5: How popular was the execution of Charles I?

Year 8

  • Topic 1: Why have historians disagreed on interpretations of the slave trade?
  • Topic 2: How did the Industrial Revolution change Britain?
  • Topic 3: How far did World War One change Britain?
  • Topic 4: Why did the Holocaust happen?


Students are formally assessed at the end of each enquiry, where they have to answer a question that reflects the type of question they will eventually be asked in a GCSE History examination. There are also practice GCSE exam questions within each topic in order to practice exam skills as preparation for Key Stage 4.