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Y9 - Y11 History

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Students will develop their historical knowledge, their understanding of chronology, their ability to analyse why the past has been interpreted in various different ways, their source analysis skills, and they will improve on the organisation and communication of their written work, through a range of topics.

Units studied and a brief description of their content

At GCSE level, our students follow the AQA 9-1 GCSE History course. The course is split into four topics:

  • Topic 1: America, 1840 - 1895: Expansion and consolidation
  • Topic 2: Britain: Health and the people, c1000 - present day
  • Topic 3: Conflict and tension, 1894 - 1918
  • Topic 4: Norman England, c1066 - c1100


Each module is worth 25% of the GCSE. All four modules are sat in two externally moderated exams, and each paper is 1 hour and 45 minutes in length. Each paper is worth 84 marks. The History GCSE at Manor Community Academy encourages independent learning and research, as well as the ability to structure writing in an appropriate manner.

The course also encourages students to hone their source analysis and evaluation skills, and to be able to scrutinise the usefulness, reliability and purpose of a source of information, as well as why authors interpret the past in certain ways and how convincing these interpretations of the past are.

Students who take GCSE History will have to chance to on a residential to London to visit the Imperial War Museum and the Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garrett.

The course has proven to be a very popular option at GCSE in recent years, and results continue to improve.