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Y9 - Y11 Mathematics


This GCSE course will provide a broad,coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study. It will encourage students to develop confidence in, and a positive attitude towards, mathematics and to recognise the importance of mathematics in their own lives and to society. Theyshould also provide a strong mathematical foundation for those who go on tostudy mathematics at a higher level post-16.

Courses based on this specification in mathematics should enable students to:

1. develop fluent knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematical methods and concepts

2. acquire, select and apply mathematical techniques to solve problems

3. reason mathematically, make deductions and inferences and draw conclusions

4. comprehend, interpret and communicate mathematical information in a variety of forms appropriate to the information and context.

5. Students should be aware that mathematics can be used to develop models of real situations and that these models may be more or less effective depending on how the situation has been simplified and the assumptions that have been made.

6. Students should also be able to recall, select and apply mathematical formulae.

Units studied and a brief description of their content:

The Mathematics GCSE Course consists of topics in 6 broad areas:

Number, Algebra, Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change, Geometry and Measures, Statistics and Probability.

All students will be entered for a GCSE examination with the AQA examination board. Tier of entry and exam specification are dependent on the set a student is in. If you require further information please contact your child's Maths teacher. There is no course work for GCSE Mathematics.

The exam specification from AQA can be found here.


GCSE Mathematics has aFoundation tier (grades 1 - 5) and a Higher tier (grades 4 - 9). Students must take three question papers at the same tier. All question papers must be taken in the same series.

Students may also be entered for other qualifications for a variety of reasons. The Mathematics Department currently enters pupils for GCSE Statistics, Entry Level, GCSEFurther Maths and Free Standing Maths Qualification.

For most of these qualifications the preparation takes place during normal Maths lessons,however some will require attending extra lessons outside of the normal school day. GCSE Statistics requires one piece of coursework.


GCSE Maths is widely recognised as a qualification that proves to employers you have a good understanding of numeracy. Many employers and most universities will require a GCSE in Mathematics usually grades 9 - 5.

The range of jobs which use Mathematics is immense, it's not just teaching. Jobs range from working in the travel industry, software engineer, business management, sports scientist, accountant, solicitor and hairdresser.


The school subscribes to the website and students can access this from home. This website allows students to consolidate and practise skills as well as prepare for assessments such as Optional Tests and GCSE. Your child should see their Maths teacher for the information about logging on to the site.

Students can also access support from the following websites:-
Corbett Maths - Videos, worksheets, 5-a-day and much more.

Maths Genie is a free GCSE and A Level Maths revision guide and resource bank for students and teachers.

The aim of this website is to get everybody enjoying their maths a bit more.

Free Revision App

If you have a smartphone you can download a free GCSE revision app from the following website,