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Modern Foreign Languages

Did you know?

London is physically closer to Paris than it is to Newcastle.

One fifth of the world's population speaks Mandarin Chinese and that China is one of the world's fastest emerging economies?

Germany has the strongest economy in Europe.

Spanish is the first language spoken by almost 15% of the population of the USA.
The latest Disney Theme Park will be built in Shanghai, China.

As the world becomes an ever smaller place and the global economy is ever more interlinked, it is important to recognise that we are not just from Hartlepool, the North East, Britain or even Europe - we are all global citizens!

Studying a modern foreign language is your first step towards playing an active part in the world on our doorsteps. We can all expect to come across people from different countries at some point in our futures, be it through work, travel or on Xbox Live! What better way to get to know people than by speaking their language'.

Studying a second language is a great opportunity to get to know all about different cultures and societies as well as actually being able to communicate when you're abroad. Learning a foreign language helps improve your grasp of English and widens your vocabulary.

School leavers with foreign languages have better career prospects, and are more likely to be open minded and tolerant people.

At Manor we have a department of three subject specialists able to offer French and Spanish to GCSE level and beyond!

We believe that every child has the right to learn a foreign language.