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BTEC Sport

Course: Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Sport

Examination Criteria:

BTEC First in Sport

Students will complete 4 modules throughout the course, 25% exam content 75% course work.

Unit 1: Fitness for Sport and Exercise. A know about the components of fitness and the principles of training. Explore different fitness training methods. Investigate fitness testing to determine fitness levels. The unit is externally assessed using an onscreen exam - Pearson sets and marks the test 25% of GCSE

Unit 2: Practical Sports Performance A understand the rules, regulations and scoring systems for selected sports. Practically demonstrate skills, techniques and tactics in selected sports. Be able to review sports performance.25% of GCSE. Coursework Assessed by teachers, Moderated by Pearson.

Unit 3: Applying Principles of Personal Trainingknow about the short-term responses and long-term adaptations of the body systems to exercise. Know about the different energy systems used during sports performance. Understanding different principles of training and training for sports performers personal fitness. 25% GCSE Coursework Assessed by teachers, Moderated by Pearson.

Unit 6: Leading Sports Activitiesknow the attributes associated with successful sports leadership, undertake the planning and leading of sports activities, review the planning and leading of sports activities. 25% GCSE Coursework Assessed by teachers, Moderated by Pearson.

Grading Structure: 1-9

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Course specification: Pearson 600/4779/3

Progress 8 Slot: Progress 8 (Open Slot)

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Course Description

KS3: Core Subject

KS4: Core Subject

Pupils will develop an understanding of a variety of sports both logically and practically. They will be able to understand sports from a performance, an umpiring and a coaching role. Pupils will be actively engaged in a range of sports to improve performance as well as developing an understanding on living a healthy, active lifestyle. Developing skills, tactics and practical performance in a range of sports such as football, rugby, basketball, netball, fitness, rounders, athletics, cricket, softball and tennis.

This course encourages personal development through practical participation and performance in a range of sports and exercise activities. This gives learners a wider understanding and appreciation of health-related fitness, sports and exercise through a selection of optional specialist. This also encourage learners to develop their people, communication, planning and team-working skills by having the opportunity to select from optional units available in the qualification structure. It provides education and training for sport, leisure and recreation employees, gives opportunities for sport, leisure and recreation employees to achieve a nationally recognised level 1 or level 2 vocationally-specific qualification. Also gives learners the opportunity to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal skills and attributes essential for successful performance in working life.

Department statement

The PE department thrives upon pupils' being the best they can be. It aims for pupils to explore a range of sports and sporting roles to facilitate their learning. Pupils are given opportunities to improve in their communication, problem solving, team work, decision making skills as well as learning to become more resilient, self-organised, responsible and independent as well as improving pupil's practical skills. We look at promoting physical activity and encourage enjoyment and sense of achievement at all levels.


Gives full-time learners the opportunity to progress to other vocational qualifications, such as the Pearson BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Sport or Sport and Exercise Sciences, or on to GCE AS or A level, and, in due course, to enter employment in the sport and active leisure sector.

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Extra Curricular:

The PE department provides a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities for all students. We aim to provide opportunities for students to develop existing talents and also to make new friends, to try new activities and to have fun. The department runs a range of enrichment activities that include, Football, Rugby, Netball, Fitness, Athletics, Rounders and Cricket on an annual basis.

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