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Art and Design

Course: Art

Examination Criteria:

Students will produce a course work portfolio worth 60% of the final grade

Students will complete an externally assessed assignment worth 40%


Students will be assessed on a portfolio that shows explicit coverage of four assessment objectives. It will include a sustained project evidencing the journey from initial engagement to the realisation of intentions and a selection of further work undertaken during the students course of study

Externally assessed assignment

Students respond to their chosen starting point from an externally set assignment paper relating to their subject title, evidencing coverage of all four assessment objectives.

Grading Structure: 9-1

Exam board website:

Course specification: AQA Art & Design

Progress 8 Slot: Non EBACC option

Head of Faculty: Joan Aspery

Course Description

KS3: Contributes to Art & Design curriculum

KS4: Option subject

Over the course of their time with us, students will develop fluent knowledge, skills and understanding of Art & Design. Students will be introduced to a variety of learning experiences, which encourage the development of skills through the use of appropriate media, processes, techniques and technologies relevant to their chosen area. Areas of study include:

Drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, photography and print making

Department statement

The art classroom is a great place for students to learn a number of skills that will benefit them greatly in their later lives. Art is something that enriches our culture and allows us to experience the world and different cultures within it. It is important, therefore, to teach our students about the importance of art for our culture and our world.


This is just a sample of the organisations who employ graduates with artistic skills. There are many more.

  • Fine artist
  • Architect
  • Fashion designer
  • Games designer
  • Tile designer
  • Civil engineer
  • Product designer
  • Advertising executive
  • Fabric Designer
  • Medical artist
  • Environment artist
  • Editors
  • Makeup artists
  • Film and video editors
  • Animators
  • Quantity surveyor
  • Painters and decorators

Useful resource links:

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Extra Curricular:

Pupils are encouraged to attend sessions after school where they have the opportunity to develop coursework and further their skills in practical work.

Schemes of work Overview