Manor Academy

Outcomes Focused, Child Centred


How to present your work:

  • Write the date as Tuesday 6th March 2018 in the top right hand corner of your work and underline with pencil and ruler
  • All work should have a title that is underlined with a pencil and ruler
  • When the title is underlined miss a line before starting your work
  • If you are starting a new piece of work start a new page in your exercise book
  • All work should be completed in black pen
  • Diagrams and drawings should all have a heading and be completed in pencil
  • Only coloured pencils should be used in books
  • Homework should be clearly marked in the top left of the page or in the margin
  • Mistakes/errors should be crossed out with a single line drawn with a ruler
  • Handwriting should be as neat as possible
  • Books and files are the be kept in excellent condition; doodling and graffiti are not allowed
  • Handwriting and presentation should remain consistent or improve throughout the year