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Choose Your Future

20th Mar 2017

Choose Your Future

At Manor Community Academy we are delighted to have a wonderful working relationship with Teesside University. Over the last few years this has allowed hundreds of students to benefit from their expertise and knowledge regarding option choices, future study and university life in general. During Year 9 we have always offered visits to Teesside University for a small number of students but this year we were delighted to take a large group to the #ChooseYourFuture event in March.


Hosted at Teesside University's new stunning facilities, Year 9 students accompanied by the Head of Lower School Mr Davison and Manor's official photographer and Social Media Co-ordinator Mr Murray, the large group firstly attended a marketplace event to see the different options available for study at Teesside in the future. Students then split up into a host of different pathways, taking part in workshops and lectures ranging from Operating Department Practice, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Games Design, Sport, Creative Writing to Sport and Crime Scene Investigation!


Student feedback from the day was exceptional, with the only criticism noted as "nothing! It was perfect!" Students from Manor Community Academy wanted to offer their thanks to the "very helpful and welcoming staff" and student ambassadors who supported the event. Asked to note what they had enjoyed most, students wrote

I liked getting some experience of what university life is like,
it helped me gain more information about my chosen subject


our teacher was very good at his subject and he taught us lots and it was fun!

Students noted that they had learnt, amongst many other things, how to collect DNA, how to treat a friction ulcer, what you can learn from bloodstains at a crime scene and that creative writing isn't just stories. Students unanimously agreed that they would recommend this event to their peers at Manor and our only regret is that we could not take the full year group to the event.

Keep checking the Manor Aspirations twitter feed to hear more about the opportunities open to students at school @manor_levelup

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