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Principal Message

24th Apr 2017

Principal Message

It is the start of another exciting term at Manor Community Academy with an awful lot going on. The Summer Term sees our major assessment period and as well as the Year 11 GCSEs (which begin on 15th May), there will be examinations across all year groups.

We will be recognising and rewarding our 100% attenders this term and the target for all students is to aim to achieve 100% attendance during the Summer term. Attendance is the most important factor in ensuring that our students achieve during their time with us; if they are not in school then they cannot learn. Attendance below 95% can have a negative impact upon achievement and ultimately GCSE grades.

This term will also see our Year 6 students beginning their time at Manor. The new school year will begin on 10th July and Year 6 will join us for two weeks before we break for the Summer holiday.

Can I remind parents that Manor students can only leave the school site at lunch time with parental permission. Those students who have parental permission have a pass and are their parents responsibility during the lunch hour. We do not allow students to go to the shops at lunch time and will be supporting local shop keepers in not allowing Manor students access to the shops at lunch time. Amended arrangements for the issuing of lunch time passes will be in place for the start of the new school year on 10th July.