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Conservation in Action!

26th Jun 2017

Conservation in Action!

As part of the new GCSE Geography curriculum Year 10 have been studying Rain forest deforestation, specifically in Malaysia. They have been shocked at the rate of deforestation, in the last 20 years alone 80% of Rain forest habitat has been lost.

This continues to have a detrimental impact on the area and local inhabitants, students have bee particularly surprised at the role they play in this global issue. They wanted to contribute to the conservation of the area and help support some of the local inhabitants and so have donated money to adopt, through the WWF an Orang-utan.

The adoption pack has just arrived along with out new Orang-utan friend, and we look forward to our updates throughout the year on what is being done to protect and conserve the area and different species for generations to come!

Some Interesting Orang-utan facts:

97% of an Orang-utans genetic make up is the same as a human's.

An Orang-utans arms can grow up to 2 metres long.

Orang-utans are only found in Borneo and Sumatra - which is why they are classified as ENDANGERED