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Students have the power

17th Nov 2017

Students have the power

Y8 students headed to Harrogate to build droids and a nuclear power station as part of EDF's Pretty Curious Programme. The students attending the event, which was supported by staff from Hartlepool Power Station, also had the chance to learn about smart technology in the home, artificial technology and learn how to build a reactor using Virtual Reality.


This is a real opportunity for the students to meet young women professionals and chat to them about what it is they do in their science and engineering careers.

Students had a great day and loved using the virtual reality kits.

Naomi Salmons Y8 student said:

I loved using the virtual reality kits, it felt like you were in the actual place. We also built some droids using little bits of electronic kits and we ran them on the floor using mobile phones. It's been a great day.


All students represented the academy in an exemplary manner.