Manor Academy

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Principal Message

18th Apr 2018

Principal Message

I am delighted to be able to write this article, my first as the new Principal of Manor Community Academy.

I am very proud and feel privileged to lead Manor in to the next phase of our development.

My first impressions are very positive; I have had many wonderful conversations with students, they are polite, courteous and prepared to work in lessons; recently staff have implemented several new strategies in to their daily practice to ensure the quality of teaching continues to improve rapidly.

Our students here at Manor deserve us to have the highest possible expectations of them, providing a foundation for them to excel both academically and in terms of their own personal development.

As a parent myself I believe firmly in equity and have asked all of my Senior Leadership Team to focus on ensuring the standards in the existing Behaviour Policy (please see the school website or contact the school for a paper copy) are upheld at all times and applied consistently.

In particular, please note:


'Students are asked to wear the Academy uniform correctly. Noticeable make-up is not allowed. Any make-up must be discrete. The decision as what qualifies as discrete rests with the Principal and Executive Principal of the individual Academy. Jewellery, other than a watch, is not allowed. Smart watches are not allowed.'


'Students are asked to arrive at the Academy and at lessons punctually and be prepared to learn. Any student who arrives late to the Academy or lessons may be required to undertake after Academy detention.'

This detention will be a one-hour detention the following afternoon (or next available afternoon).


We have begun to introduce the NET Consequences system which will replace the current behaviour system. Details can be found in the Behaviour Policy. We will introduce this to a year group at a time over the coming weeks. Over time there are a number of detentions that will be issued for various reasons: initially we are focussing on punctuality to school, behaviour in the classroom, uniform, handling a mobile phone, behaviour in between lessons and not having a planner.

Thank you for supporting us in maintaining these standards, this allows my staff and I to have many positive conversations on a daily basis with your child about their learning and well-being and allows us to work together to ensure your child leaves Manor with excellent qualifications and the personal skills necessary for further education or the world of work.

If you have any questions or I can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact the Academy via the details on the website.

Mr Lee Kirtley