Manor Academy

Achievement, Engagement and Enjoyment.

Our Academy


At Manor Community Academy, all of our children are regarded as individuals and we ensure that the five years spent with us are about so much more than an education based upon exams; they are about an experience that will remain with our students for the rest of their lives.

Our ethos is about achievement at all levels, pride in our school and ourselves, and encouragement for each other.

Our belief in care, courtesy and consideration in all that we do ensures that Manor Community Academy is about regard for each other and regard for our wider community.

Manor Community Academy is a school with a relentless focus upon sustained progress and achievement. We enjoy positive academic results, great success in Sports and Performing Arts and demonstrate that our students make progress during their time with us.

We firmly believe that our role as a school is to ensure that each individual child realises their potential, achieves in all areas, and enjoys their time spent with us. We want to engage in a positive partnership with all stakeholders and ensure that every student develops into a high achieving and well- rounded young person.

Mrs Anne Malcolm


Achievement, Engagement and Enjoyment.