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KS4 Btec Art and Design


The BTEC First Award is a good pathway for students who see themselves in the creative arts industry. It leads well into the Level 3 First Diploma provided by Art Colleges. Students use new and previously acquired skills to develop work which is personal to them.

They will collect resources by sketching, taking photographs or from the internet or books. They will develop ideas using a range of materials and techniques. They will look at the work of other artists and craftsperson and relate the work to their own. They will develop ideas in a sketchbook and produce a final outcome.

Units studied and a brief description of their content

Project One:

Unit 1- Introduction to Specialist Pathways in Art and Design and Unit 3- 2D Visual communication.

Pupils will work under an artists brief on a collaborative Hartlepool project up until December 2012. Students will get the opportunity to visit different areas of Hartlepool to take their own primary source photographs. Throughout this project students will study a wide range of both historical and contemporary artists and use a wide range of 2D media.

Project Two:

Unit 3- 2D visual communication

This independent project aims to develop learners? abilities to research, explore and develop visual arts ideas from self-defined or given briefs. Learners will develop their research skills by using a wide variety of information and references that provide inspiration for originating and developing their ideas into 2D and 3D art, craft and design outcomes.

Project Three:

Unit 4- 3D visual communication and Unit 3- 2D visual communication.

Gargoyles project. Students will have the opportunity to work with a practicing artist this project. The aim of unit 3 is to enable learners to learn about three dimensional (3D) visual communication techniques, through processes such as construction, sculpture, modelling, carving and casting.

Project 4:

Unit 2 ? Creative project (Externally Set Task by Edexcel)


Pupils will be formally assessed six times a year, including one written report.

The department gives verbal feedback on progress on a regular basis with clear directions on how to make progress. Homework is used to develop ideas. Home work is on-going and students are expected to work out of hours ? collecting source materials

Other useful information

Schemes of work, homework and out of hour?s resources are also available on Fronter.