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KS3 Geography


In this subject, pupils experience, through engaging and topical content, a stimulating blend of traditional and contemporary Geography to suit all abilities. Students study physical and human Geography in discrete, self-contained topic areas that focus on physical processes and factors that produce diverse and dynamic landscapes over time.

Studying Geography gives students of all backgrounds the opportunity to develop communication skills, graphical and cartographical skills and technological skills including ICT and GIS. Students also practice interpersonal skills through debate and discussion.

Throughout Key Stage 3 Geography there is a heavy emphasis on literacy, numeracy skills and problem-solving skills.

Units studied and a brief description of their content

Year 7:

What is Geography?; how and why do urban areas change?; what different types of economic activities do people engage in and why?; what are ecosystems?

Year 8:

How does water help shape the land?; what are natural resources and how are they used?; fantastic places; weather and climate.

Year 9:

Why are some countries more developed than others?; what are glaciers and how do they shape the land?; tourism; the restless earth; population changes.


Students are formally assessed at the end of each topic with an end of topic assessment. The assessments reflect the type of questions that students will eventually be asked on their GCSE examinations.

Other useful information

These are a broad outline of what pupils at Manor study and all schemes of work are available from the Head of Department.