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KS3 Year 8 French


Languages are part of the cultural richness ofour society and learning languages contributes to mutual understanding, a senseof global citizenship and personal fulfilment.

The ability to communicate in another languageis a lifelong skill for education, employment and leisure both here and abroadand whilst learning French pupils develop listening, speaking, reading andwriting skills, as well as learning to appreciate different countries,cultures, communities and people.

Units studied and a brief description of their content

Term One:

Pupils begin the year by learning how to talk abouttheir town and what there is in Hartlepool. They also describe where they go ona weekend and learn how to ask someone out!

Term Two:

Pupils concentrateon describing their hobbies and interests in detail, talking about TV, films,reading and the internet and practising key structures including opinions andreasons vocabulary which are vital for future success.

Term Three:

Pupils find out a great deal about Paris, the capitalof France. They learn the perfect tense(which can help them achieve level 6) to describe a visit they have been on toParis and try to pick out details from tourist information leaflets.


Pupils will be assessed on a termly basis end of unit tests acrossthe four skill areas of listening, reading, speaking and writing. In addition,extended pieces of writing are set at least half termly which show pupils whichlevel they are. Regular self- and peer-assessment takes place for other skillareas.