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KS4 German

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In this subject students develop theirlistening, speaking, reading and writing skills across a variety of themes togain an understanding of German in a variety of contexts.

Students will developknowledge of German vocabulary and structures, transferable language learningskills and the ability to communicate effectively in German. They will finishthe course with an awareness and understanding of countries and communitieswhere German is spoken.

Units studied and a brief description of their content

Students study four common topic areas (Out and about,Customer service and transactions, Personal identification and Future plans,education and work) throughout the two year course for Unit 1 (Listening andUnderstanding in German) and Unit 3 (Reading and Understanding in German).

Pupils also study Media and Culture, Sport and Leisure, Travel and Tourism andBusiness Work and Employment as the main themes for Units 2 and 4, which areSpeaking and Writing in German. Topics and themes are combined throughout thecourse to promote a more cohesive approach to language learning and studentspractise all four skills throughout the course.


Listening and Reading are assessed through end-of-courseexternal examinations which are set and marked by Edexcel. Papers are availablein foundation or higher tiers.