Manor Academy

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Internet Policies

Use of the Internet and e-mail in the Academy


The internet is used widely within the Academy. The content which is available via the internet is growing at an exponential rate and students and colleagues are capable of sharing resources produced or accessed.

The Academy has a web filtering system which is updated on a regular basis both locally and nationally to prevent access to inappropriate material. However, the Academy promotes the responsible use of the Internet through making students aware of the potential dangers and offering students the opportunities to make staff aware of potential hazards.


The current e-mail system which is used in Manor Community Academy is a Microsoft based system. All staff and students have an e-mail address and the system is used effectively to communicate or to send information to and from home. All e-mails are monitored by the technical support team and the Academy has a SPAM & Virus filtering system.

Staff are encouraged to use the Academy's e-mail system in a safe and responsible manner and not to cause offence to any member of staff or students. This is in-line with the Academy Trust safeguarding policy for safe e-mail use.