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Future Careers

Supporting students to plan and make choices about their future.

Steps to your future career:

- Choose the qualifications you are aiming for

- Answer questions about your interests

- See the careers that match you

You can email Mrs Rand for your log in details to access the following careers programmes:-

11-232-start-logo.jpg A New Exciting Careers Programme.

To register click the register link .

Establishment: Manor Community Academy, Registration code 41129
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Find out how you can help encourage your children's talents with our parents' guide to engineering careers.

Parents' guide to engineering careers leaflet can be download below.

Parents' guide to engineering careers
data-verified= TARGET careers helps young people to make smart decisions about their future. Investigate careers that interest you and decide whether to do an apprenticeship or go to university, then get applying.

They have got the full list of UK undergraduate courses and advice on choosing between them, or you can search for apprenticeships with some of the country's biggest employers.